Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an upgraded version on top of our DMS system that allows you to maintain better interactions with your customer.
CRM allows your customers to track for themselves their parcels, check invoices, view their payment history and rate our delivery drivers. It also serves as an excellent Customer Loyalty platform to further your customer engagements.
With CRM System
Customers can...
1. Track and trace deliver driver locations & get their Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
2. Check their Order Status by e-mail
3. Get an overview of products purchased on a dashboard
4. View Payment History or get a copy of the Invoice
5. Check their loyalty or reward points balance on their website
6. Free use of the Vehicle Management System(VMS)
With CRM System
Your drivers can...
1. Save and view the electronic proof of delivery, date and time
2. Track and trace your driver's journey (prevent vehicle hijack)
3. Deliver to a specific receiver, similar to Alipay function
4. Set and approve use functions toprevent data leaks
5. Receive comments to improvecustomer satisfaction further
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