As a module-based digital operation and management system, you can decide which digital operation components are necessary for your business. This enables you to have better control of the digital implementation of the system to your operational procedures while keeping it budget-friendly. Payments to the system are decided by the modules you choose to use.
Tagform Order Picking
OPS System
The OPS System OPS helps to provide key data points and transparency for staff efficiency, creating a friendly competitive work environment while digitising their Key Performance Index (KPI).
Tagform Delivery Management
DMS System
With the DMS system, enjoy higher efficiency with Real-Time Delivery Status, easy Deliver Order barcode scanning and straightforward communication.
Tagform Customer Relationship Management
CRM System
CRM allows your customers to track for themselves their parcels, check invoices, view their payment history and rate our delivery drivers. It also serves as an excellent Customer Loyalty platform to further your customer engagements.
Tagform Vehicle Management
VMS System
The Vehicle Maintenance System(VMS) is a system to improve vehicle maintenance efficiency and to track all expenditure and related documentation of your vehicle fleet.
Tagform Supplier Relationship Management
SRM System
The SRM System is the systematic approach to evaluating vendors that supply goods, materials and services to a company. it enables businesses to manage their relationships between their vendors.
Tagform E-Commerce Platform
Magento 2
Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform, popular among small to medium B2C retailers. More than 100,000 online stores have been created on this platform, and $155 billion worth of goods have been sold through Magento-based systems in 2019.
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