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DMS System
Manually writing down 200 deliver orders is not efficient. That's what we had to do before we invented the DMS system for our own business. With the DMS system, enjoy higher efficiency with Real-Time Delivery Status, easy Deliver Order barcode scanning and straightforward communication
The DMS system is great for companies with more than 3 drivers and can record delivery listings, store and analyse driver routes and delivery time.
With DMS System
You can...
1. Track Delivery Orders In and Out quickly
2. Analyse your driver's performance by the year, month or day to day
3. As a reference for an Incentive Scheme for your drivers
4. Monitor Real-Time delivery status
With DMS System
Your drivers can...
1. Immediately update the deliver status via their phone
2. Better deliveries and directions through Waze
3. Review your monthly and yearly Performance Dashboard and Customer Satisfaction Rating
4. Receive prompt reminders on road tax, insurance, inspection, mileage maintenance with our Vehicle Management System
5. Chat in real-time with our office staff
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